Portable BluffTitler

BluffTitler Portable is a small program that allows you to put your texts and titles on images professionally and in 3D.

Are you one of the users who entertain themselves working on videos or photos or even earn money in this way? On the Internet you can find many programs for editing image files, many of which have been presented on our website. Professional and non-professional software, with the help of which users can edit their desired images as they wish and according to their taste.

The features of these software is the ability to put text on images, but none of these software has focused on this subject in a professional way. For example, in many of these programs, you can only place your plain-looking text on a video or photo, and at best, the software may allow you to change the size and color and a limited number of visual effects. also provide you

BluffTitler Portable is the name of a software that allows users to professionally create 3D texts and place them on their photos or videos.

In this software developed by Outerspace, users have other facilities and features like professional motion effects to place on their text and the type of motion in and out of image text.

System: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10/11 [x64]
Interface language: Multilanguage
File size: 54.8 MB

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