Portable FileVoyager


Portable FileVoyager is an excellent all-in-one file manager that makes working with any information on your computer more convenient, productive, and comfortable. The application has a two-window format, allowing you to quickly navigate through disks, as well as move and copy files. Of course, there is deletion (to the Recycle Bin and complete destruction), renaming, and data editing.

As for the display of files and folders in the windows of this manager, there are several options: detailed and brief view, large and small icons, thumbnails, 3D display. It is very convenient that videos, music and pictures can be previewed (listened) directly in the manager using the preview option and built-in codecs.

It supports the application and works with files of various formats, allowing you to package and unzip files. At the same time, the files can be encrypted, the compression level and method can be determined, the block size can be specified, etc.

It is worth noting such a feature as the Favorites list setting, where you can enter the most frequently used data or projects, making it easy to access them with one click. There are also other interesting and useful options:

determine the size of the folders,

connect and disconnect disks,

disk property information,

advanced search and classification of files and folders,

command line access

quick jump to some system tools: screen, programs and components, date and time, run and more.

The appearance of both the manager itself and its windows is fully customizable according to the user’s preferences. For this, various visual themes and panel control buttons are provided.

All in all, F¡¡Portable FileVoyager is a really easy-to-use file management tool that contains a variety of useful options for complete disk content management and can become a complete and high-quality alternative to other more hyped and popular applications from your segment. .¡

System: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10/11
Interface language: Multilanguage
File size: 47.71 MB


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