Portable FontCreator Professional


Portable FontCreator Professional Edition is an advanced font editor for Windows that allows you to create new fonts and edit existing fonts.

The application has a huge database of fonts available by default, which is accessed through a tree-structured navigation bar. Any of the presented fonts can be edited or supplemented with new characters.

Also in the app, you can create your own fonts by exporting scanned images or vector shapes to the program, which will form the basis of a new character, or you can create unique fonts using handwritten characters. There are tools that allow you to easily transform characters into different styles, such as italics, bold, etc.

The application has a font validation feature, so you can be sure that the created or edited font meets all required parameters and standards, and also allows you to improve font quality by identifying and eliminating common problems.

All sources are divided into categories for easy searching and navigation through the database. In addition, the FontCreator Professional Edition Portable editor has a font comparison function, with which you can visually align the characters of words with each other. Automatically analyzes the symbol set and independently selects the optimal symbol position.

The finished font can be edited by changing its name, author information, rights and other information.

System: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Interface: English
File size: 50.38 MB


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