Portable Threema For Desktop 2.5.0


Portable Threema For Desktop is the unofficial desktop app for Threema messenger that prioritizes security and privacy, keeping your data out of the reach of hackers, corporations, and governments.

Thanks to the latest end-to-end encryption, no one other than the recipient can read the transmitted messages, not even Threema BmbH, as the service operator. It is not necessary to provide any personal data: you can use it completely anonymously, that is, without revealing your telephone number or email address. Threema was built from the ground up with data protection and privacy in mind (Privacy by Design), so as little metadata as possible is generated when using the service.

Threema is 100% manufactured in Switzerland, has its own servers there, and unlike US services (which are subject to, for example, the CLOUD Act), is fully GDPR compliant.

Features of Portable Threema For Desktop:

Send text and voice messages
Voice and video calls
Share videos, photos and locations
Send files in any format (pdf, animated gif, mp3, doc, zip, etc.).
Using Threema Web to Chat on Your Computer
Create groups
Taking surveys thanks to the survey function
Choice of light or dark mode
Respond quickly and silently with the unique “agree/disagree” feature
Send messages to multiple recipients at the same time
Create surveys
Works on tablets and devices without a SIM card
Verify contacts using their QR code
Text format
Contact synchronization (optional).

Threema Messenger encrypts all your communications, including messages, voice and video calls, group chats, files, and even status messages end-to-end, so that no one but the recipient can access them. In the Threema process, it uses a trusted open source cryptographic library, NaCl. Encryption keys are generated and stored on users’ devices, making it impossible to gain unauthorized access or make copies.

With the desktop app and web client, chatting on your computer is just as secure as using the Threema app on your phone. You have full access to all your chat history, as well as all contacts and media files.

System: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10/11
Interface language: Multilanguage-Spanish included
File size: 216.12 MB


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