Portable XRECODE 3 1.119

Portable XRECODE 3 makes it easy to convert multiple audio files, capable of encoding in multiple formats, all within a functional and no-nonsense interface.

Converting audio files is a process that can be quite cumbersome. Basically, when you encode an audio file into another format, there are many things that can go wrong in the process and affect the quality of the new format.

For this reason, there are applications for such a task. Especially when you want to re-encode multiple files, it is not possible to review them efficiently if the application is not optimized for it. More than that, you also need to make sure you get the best quality of the converted audio file, so how to find the right software?

XRECODE 3 Portable features enough formats to let you convert songs and audio recordings for almost anything, doing it under a simple and functional interface, capable of converting batches of tracks and more.

The app may not look like much when you first launch it. It has an interface that can easily be misinterpreted as being difficult to use and too geared toward the power user, but upon browsing it a bit, it’s all a very intuitive and easy-to-understand layout.

Users can add audio through the “Files” and “Folders” tabs, both of which allow the selection of multiple items. This tells you that converting multiple tracks at once is an important feature of this app, and the tab design serves to promote this.

The “Output Format” section is all about the conversion itself: you can choose from 25 options, of which popular audio extensions such as .mp3, .wav and .ogg are present. Also available is the ability to convert to FLAC, the lossless solution.
More specificity

By clicking on the small wrench icon next to the chosen extension in the “Output Format” menu, users have the ability to customize the converted format settings. For example, the menu for an MP3 conversion allows you to change the bitrate type and value, as well as make adjustments to the audio channels.

While offering the ability to change the metadata of any audio track,

The “Utilities” menu also houses a dynamic range rating, capable of showing you values such as maximum decibels, among others. “ReplayGain” works in a similar way.
In conclusion

This is a full-featured application, its ease of use is enhanced by the functional design and quick conversion capabilities.

System: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10/11 [x64]
Interface language: Multilanguage-
File size: 30.8 MB

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